LUSO serving the community

Basic Needs and Community Support

Who we help

Low income families, single parents and newcomers living in Northeast London.


LUSO provides assistance to those who are in crisis to access basic needs.


The Basic Needs Program provides support, information and referrals to residents in Northeast London. The first touch point for individuals and families is often our Community Resource Portable. Residents can access basic needs items, such as: clothing, food, hygiene items, baby food and diapers etc.  In addition to one to one support, we offer a breakfast program during March break and the summer months to children to ensure they have a good start to their day and receive a nutritional meal.  Group sessions and activities are also offered to help build skills, reduce isolation and develop connections in the community.  

LUSO making a difference

Breakfasts served to 221 children during summer
people accessed the Community Portable in a 12 month period
households received support 

 “Mike is a recipient of the Ontario Disability Support Program due to a brain injury sustained many years ago; living on a fixed income, his basic needs were not being met and he felt as if he was "struggling to survive". In January of 2019, he vowed to seek help which led him to the NE Food Depot where he met LUSO staff and nursing student placements. In the the following weeks, Mike visited the Portable for some additional supports and attended our Market and Sugarbush trips which served as a way to break social isolation and meet other residents in the community. We learned quickly that Mike has many passions and interests. He loves music and is a talented guitarist; he had been creating a hand-built guitar for 18 months. In March, Mike brought the finished product to the Portable; it was a privilege to share his joy and to hear him play. This moment demonstrated Mike's personal growth over the course of just 3 months, growth that would not have been possible had Mike's basic needs not been met, and had he not felt supported and strengthened by his community. Mike continues to visit the Portable, sometimes as needed and sometimes just for a coffee and a chat!"     -LUSO staff person, with permission from Mike   

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