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Children, Youth & Families

LUSO offers programs for children, youth and families. Programs include a variety of literacy based activities for families with children up to 12 years of age; programming for youth ages 11-19 to develop skills and become actively involved in their community;  basic needs services and supports to residents in NE London.
 Education & Outreach program

Education & Outreach

LUSO offers workshops and presentations on race relations, racial bullying, cultural awareness and sensitivity training for youth, parents, professionals and community groups. LUSO also offers customized training to housing representatives to support the housing sector be responsive to the changing demographics and diversity of London.
Newcomer & Immigrant Services

Newcomer & Immigrant Services

LUSO offers programs and services specifically for immigrants, newcomers and refugees including; Settlement Counsellors, Settlement Workers in Schools (SWIS); Settlement workers in Libraries (LSP); and Community Connections programming. 

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LUSO would not exist without the support of the major funders below. We are thankful for their support and ongoing commitment to helping us achieve our mission. 

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